Does My Horse Need Bodywork?

Your horse is a complex and powerful creature. One capable of extreme athletic performances while also possessing the same grace and delicacy of a flower.

In order for your horse to feel and perform at their best, they need a well-balanced body and mind. A balanced body is able to restore and maintain bodily functions that provide protection and healing. 

Sometimes life events such as growth spurts, injuries, stress, illness,  training, and competition can tip this balance. The body is then left in a state where it’s unable to heal and restore. This can lead to chronic inflammation, posture imbalances,  changes in performance and comfort. Equi-Bow can reboot the body’s communication system to restore order and function.

Signs Your Horse Needs Bodywork Support

  • Sensitivity when grooming
  • Difficulty with riding transitions 
  • Pulls shoes on a regular basis
  • Has difficulty rolling over
  • Struggles with lateral movements 
  • Has had a change in personality
  • On and off lamenesses
  • Head shaking or sensitivity around head
  • Nervous or spooky behavior
  • Trouble building a topline
  • Isn’t able to rest laying down
  • Stronger on one lead
  • Carries tail to one side
  • Stumbles or trips
  • Delayed training recovery times
  • Show Anxiety
  • And the list can go on …

These are just a few of the many signs that the body is unbalanced 

So, whether your horse is a competitive athlete or your favorite old friend living out their golden years, they will benefit from Equi-Bow.

My elderly mini-donkey

What Is Equi-Bow?

Equi-Bow is a form of equine bodywork that helps restore the body’s natural ability to heal and restore function. It’s a dynamic modality that combines techniques from:

  • Bowen
  • Craniosacral
  • Feldenkrais
  • Myofascial Release
  • Acupuncture and more

Resulting in a unique and non-invasive way for your equine partner to be at their best health and performance.

How Does Equi-Bow Work?

Equi-Bow restores balance in the body by restoring the messaging system of your horse’s nervous system. Through a series of gentle rolling moves, in precise locations on the body, we can access and send “reboot” signals to the brain via the fascia.

Fascia surrounds all parts of the body. It provides structural support and has the key role of sending cellular messages to the brain. By creating a piezoelectric charge in the soft tissue with rolling moves, we can send a direct message to the neurological system. 

This brings awareness to physiological dysfunction such as posture imbalances, pain or dysfunction within a muscle or joint. Allowing the body to shift the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic ( flight or fight) to parasympathetic ( rest and digest). In a parasympathetic state, the body is aware and responsive to changes within the body. This allows the body’s neurological system and immune system to correct any imbalances, heal, and maintain a calm mental state.

The Value Behind Equi-Bow

Equi-Bow ensures your horse maintains optimal health. Allowing them to be strong, stable and able to think with a clear mind. This takes the stress out of training sessions, changes in routine and builds their confidence. It also provides you as an owner, peace of mind knowing they’re at less risk of injuries or illnesses. This saves you energy, time and resources in the long run long.

It Takes A Village

Working closely with your horse’s full care team, including their veterinarians and other bodyworkers, ensures the best management plans can be executed for optimal health.

Are You Ready To See How Equi-Bow Can Help Your Horse?

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