Equine Bodywork Rates & Packages

Discover Equine Bodywork Barn Demo $225

If you’re new to the world of Equi-Bow and Equi-Tape, this session is for you. Book a barn date with 2 or more friends to learn how bodywork can help your horse thrive. Includes up to 3 Equi-Bow Full Body Balance sessions. Taping, if required, will be priced according to size and time ($15-$50) Discounted session coupons available for groups larger than 3.

New Client Bodywork Session $100.00

This extended consultation includes:

  • A complete health history review
  • Assessment of posture, hoof balance, and soft tissues
  • Assessment of in hand  or under saddle mobility
  • Review of long term health, fitness and athletic goals
  • Equi-Bow Full-Body Balance
  • Personalized post session exercises to further facilitate change within the body
  • Travel fee* waived

** Taping, if required, will be priced according to size and time ($15-$50)

Individual Bodywork Session $90

This consultation includes:

  • Review of your horse’s current strengths, struggles, and your ongoing goals
  • Assessment of posture, hoof balance, soft tissues and mobility
  • In hand or under saddle mobility assessment if needed 
  • Equi-Bow techniques  tailored to current needs
  • Post-session exercises for you to further support your horse*

** Taping, if required, will be priced according to size and time ($15-$50)

3 Bodywork Sessions Savings Bundle $225

This bundle includes 3 Pre Paid Individual Bodywork Sessions with a savings of $10/ session. Sessions are to be booked within 6 months of the original purchase date.*

Mom & Me Package $120

Start your foal off on the right hoof and treat your mare to some much-needed body support! This package includes one Individual Bodywork Session for both your mare and her foal.*

Show Season Support Bundle $650

This bundle is designed to help your equine partner perform at their best throughout the show season at a reduced session rate.* This package includes:

  • 3 Bodywork sessions booked 1-2 weeks apart to prime the body for training
  • + 5 follow up sessions priority booked around your show schedule for optimal performance and recovery. 

Rehabilitation Cases

Please contact us to discuss custom bundle rates for complex rehabilitation cases as each is unique.

*travel rates for sessions.